INTONACO™® Premix Render is a high quality polymer modified water-resistant wall rendering and screeding material incorporating the finest quality graded silicon sand,cement and selected additives.


Just Add Water...


Ideal for both interior and exterior use at thickness in the range of 2-8mm in one application. 



• No bulk mixing required, just add water and INTONACO™® is ready to use.

• Considerably more economical than 15mm of standard cement render and can be applied in about half the time.

• Due to the polymer additives, INTONACO™® has superior application and adhesion properties over sand/cement renders, guaranteed performance, including elimination of shrinkage and hair cracking. 

• No need to transport bulk sand and cement to the job site.

• Packaged in convenient 20kg bags. Only mix what you need. No Wastage

• Also available: Intonaco Fine for a gloss smooth finish.

• INTONACO™® is 100% Australian designed, manufactured and owned by Rebma Pty Ltd.